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A Romano-British Bronze Fibula (Brooch)

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Price: $52.00
Item Number: CA-15-462

CULTURE / REGION OF ORIGIN: Roman Empire, European Provinces

DATE: 1st or early 2nd Century AD

DIMENSIONS:  4.4 cm (1.73 in.) long

DESCRIPTION: Intact. A Roman bronze variant of the Hod Hill type brooch, probably from England. It features a long, graceful bow that is decorated in two places along its length with substantial round moldings, an acorn shaped projection at the foot, a wide angular head, an uncommon type of small catch plate formed from intersecting vertical and horizontal bars attached to the underside of the bow, and an intact pin projecting from the coiled spring attached to a stud at the head. The patina is a mottled green all over.

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a German private collection.

COMPARISONS:  For the type, see A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches, Oxbow Books, 2007, Figs 179, number 1503