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A Roman Bronze Knee Fibula (Brooch)

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Price: $45.00
Item Number: CA-13-343


DATE:  2nd Century AD

DIMENSIONS:  2.6 cm (1.02 in.) long

DESCRIPTION: Intact. A Roman bronze "knee" brooch. The surfaces are dark green with areas of pale earthen highlighting. The coiled spring is fitted through a small vertical plate projecting beneath the fan shaped spring cover. The head has the small fan shaped cover typical of this type, though in this case the forward edge of the cover has been chip carved into a scalloped edge, a quite uncommon feature. The catch plate drops down from below the foot to hold the coiled pin, which is original. The bow is simple and graceful. A small but excellent example of the type.

PROVENANCE: UK metal detecting find, declared not treasure and legally exported. Possibly originating on the Continent.

COMPARISONS: For the nearest parallel, see the "Ex Preteritus" non-commercial website athttp://www.finds.calverley.info/index.html, item # 1315 under "Roman Fibulae" for an example with a very finely scalloped edge to the fan shaped coil cover, from the Balkans. This feature is quite uncommon so our example may be an import.