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Byzantine Openwork Cross Buckle

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Price: $157.50
Item Number: CA-11-200

DATE: Circa 7th Century CE
DIMENSIONS:  4.86 cm (1.91 in.) long.

DESCRIPTION: A cast bronze Byzantine buckle, comprised of an integral loop and plate and a separate tongue. The rectangular loop has a chamfered outer border and a recessed couch for the tongue, which extends over the forward edge of the loop and features a raised curl at the rear. The D-shaped buckle plate is pierced by a large cross developing into a pelta (shield) behind. Three pierced lugs for attachment on the reverse. Intact. Stable and smooth light green to chocolate brown patina.

PROVENANCE: Ex old English private collection.

COMPARISONS: See a related example in the British Museum’s on-line collections, Registration number:1989,0402.1.