Egyptian Polychrome Wood Mummy Mask
DATE: Late Period to Ptolemaic Period, 664-30 BCE
DIMENSIONS: 14.5 cm (5.5 in.) tall, 10 cm (3.9 in.) wide.

DESCRIPTION: Wood mummy mask, most likely female, from the inner coffin of a late dynastic or Ptolemaic period burial. The mask is formed from a rather thickly cut block of wood, with the facial surfaces thinly plastered, red pigment used for skin color, facial features well defined, including the lips and nose, wide almond shaped eyes defined with white and black pigments, and black used for the eyebrows. The flat reverse features a large wooden dowel projecting from the upper part and a much smaller dowel projecting from near the bottom, used to hold the mask in place. Black resinous material with traces of woven fabric adhere to the otherwise plain wood back

PROVENANCE: Formerly in the collection of Mrs. Mary Pearman (1909-1999), who was stationed in Egypt with her husband at Alexandria from 1936-1944. She spoke fluent Arabic and studied hieroglyphs.

PUBLISHED: Bonhams, ANTIQUITIES, London, 6 October, 2010, illustrated in color, page 206.

COMPARISONS: For a similar example from the Ptolemaic Period, see the Petrie Museum of Egyptology, University College London, online collections, Museum Number UC7521

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