Near Eastern Blackware Juglet
CULTURE / REGION OF ORIGIN: Ancient Palestine / Judea.
DATE: Circa 800-586 BC.
DIMENSIONS: 8.75 cm tall (3.5 in.), 6 cm wide ( 2.4 in.).

DESCRIPTION: Intact. Juglet with slightly pointed bottom, roughly globular body, narrow neck with concave sides; the rim straight sided and flared. The handle of round cross section. A grey-black slip covering the entire vessel. Tan, beige and brown encrustation covering much of the vessel's lower half and visible inside the mouth and neck.

PROVENANCE: Ex Fragments of Time 2002. Acquired in the 1930s by a New York author and collector who traveled extensively to Palestine and Egypt, and by descent to a private New England gentleman.

COMPARISONS: Andrew S. Ackerman & Susan L. Braunstein, From David to Herod, The Jewish Museum New York, Exhibition Catalogue, 1982, #32 for a near identical juglet of this kind, very common at Lachish.

Item #CA-08-79

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