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Cypriot Black on Red Ware Bowl

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Price: $465.00
Item Number: CA-09-174
DATE: 7th Century BC (Iron Age, Cypro-Archaic Period)
DIMENSIONS: 8 cm (3.1 in.) tall, 18.5 cm (7.2 in.) wide at the handles

DESCRIPTION: Intact. A large ceramic Cypriot bowl in typical black on red ware of the Cypro-Archaic period. The vessel has a deep shape with broad mouth and rests on a well formed flat base. There are two small handles at either side, each rising very steeply to just below the rim and with a vertically placed slit opening, probably for suspension. On one side of the interior are a group of small black smudges, possibly the potter's fingerprints. The bowl is covered all over with a bright orange-red slip that was originally polished, with details in added black. These include a band covering the upper side of the handles and continuing down to meet with a pair of broad bands encircling the vessel's exterior mid-section. A thin band covers the interior lip of the bowl and the interior center is decorated with an arrangement of two thick bands with five narrow bands between and a single broad band with a small circle at center in the bottom. Some rubbing to the slip on the exterior and bits of lime encrustation on the interior.

PROVENANCE: Property from an English deceased estate.

COMPARISONS: Typical of Cypro-Phoenician shapes of this period but definitely a local product. For a good review of Cypro-Phoenician pottery types, see Glenn E. Markoe, Phoenicians, The British Museum Press, 2000, pages 160-163.