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Early Roman Aucissa Fibula (Brooch)

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Price: $65.00
Item Number: CA-14-372

CULTURE / REGION OF ORIGIN: Roman Empire, European Provinces

DATE: 1st Century AD

DIMENSIONS: 5 cm long (2.0 in.)

DESCRIPTION: A Roman bronze "Aucissa" type brooch. The pin is frozen in the open position. It has a high arched bow with molded recess running along its length, which probably once held enamel or black silver sulfide. There is a decorative knob at the foot. The axis bar and knob possibly made of Iron or of a different copper alloy. Stable, dusty green patina. Intact.

PROVENANCE: In a California private collection until March, 2001. Acquired by previous owner on the European art market in the 1990s..

REFERENCE(S): Justine Bayley & Sarnia Butcher, Roman Brooches in Britain: A Technological and Typological Study Based on the Richborough Collection, The Society of Antiquaries of London, 2004, Cat. 74-77 for very similar examples. Also, Richard Hattatt, Ancient and Romano-British Brooches, Oxford, 1982, pages 83-85, for the type.