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Early Roman Bronze Brooch

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Price: $48.50
Item Number: CA-13-321

DESCRIPTION:  A Roman bronze fibula of the "Kraftig-profilierte" type. The long bow has a prominent three-stepped circular boss at mid-point.  The head is of broad roughly triangular two-stepped form. The coiled spring is intact but the pin is a partial replacement. The small foot terminal is missing, as is the very tip of the catchplate. Otherwise intact. Deep green patination over most of the surface.

PROVENANCE: Ex Surrey, UK private collection. Metal detecting find declared not treasure and cleared for export.

REFERENCES: Justine Bayley & Sarnia Butcher, Roman Brooches in Britain: A Technological and Typological Study Based on the Richborough Collection, The Society of Antiquaries of London, 2004, page 148 for a discussion of the type, which is originally Pannonian and probably spread with the Roman army. This example is probably a British copy of the Continental type, dating to the Claudian era.