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Enameled Roman Bronze Bird Fibula (Brooch)

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Price: $225.00
Item Number: CA-13-336

A superb example of a Romano-British enameled bronze zoomorphic brooch in the form of a duck or similar water bird. The animal's head is naturalisitically modeled, with the eyes and details of the long beak visible. The upper surface is nearly flat, depicting the bird's wings in a folded position, and is divided in cells for blue, red and white enamel inlay. Substantial amounts of the blue enamel and traces of both the red and white enamel survive. The underside includes the catch plate and hinge attachment for the now missing pin. The object is otherwise intact, with very smooth medium green patina.

PROVENANCE: Oxfordshire, UK metal detecting find, declared not treasure and legally exported.

COMPARISONS: A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattat's Ancient Brooches, Oxbow Books, Oxford, 2007, Figure 219, #s 1168, 1169 and 1170  for very similar examples of the type.