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Late Roman Glass Pendant Bead

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Price: $35.00
Item Number: CA-15-455

CULTURE / REGION OF ORIGIN: Roman Empire, Levantine coastal region

DATE: 4th - 5th Century AD

DIMENSIONS:  1.65 cm (0.65 in.) long

DESCRIPTION: Intact. A barrel shaped glass pendant bead of the Late Roman period, formed of very dark, possibly purple glass, appearing black, with a thick, circular loop for suspension applied at the top of one end. It was originally decorated with a single continuous thread of white or yellow glass, rotating around the bead, though this has worn away leaving only traces. Wearable.

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a Canadian private collection

COMPARISONS: See Maud Spaer,Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, Beads and Other Small Objects, catalog #173 for a very similar example.