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Medieval Islamic Glass Bangle

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Price: $180.00
Item Number: CA-12-218
CULTURE / REGION OF ORIGIN: Islamic, Syria-Palestine.
DATE: 13th – 15th Century CE.
PROVENANCE: Ex collection of a London private gentleman, acquired on 
the UK art market in the 1990s. DIMENSIONS:  6.60 cm. (2.6 in.) maximum diameter.

DESCRIPTION: Intact.  A smaller and more delicate example of a glass 
bracelet or bangle of the mid-Islamic period, with obliquely pointed 
cross section more of less flattened on the bottom. The outer sides 
and upper surface are decorated with intertwined trails of brick red, 
range-brown, bright yellow, light green and white against a base of 
very dark blue glass, appearing black. The surfaces are very well 
preserved with only the most minimal weathering and very strongly
preserved colors.  A superbexample.       
COMPARISONS: Maud Spaer, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, Beads
and Other Small Objects
, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2001, number
471 for a very similar example (also illustrated in color on Plate
35). Also, Figure 85 for a group of similar examples of the 14th-15th
Century from the Islamic cemetery at Tel Dan. This is typical of Islamic
glass of the 13th-15th Century offered on the market by poorly informed 
dealers as Roman