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Roman Glass Pendant Bead

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Price: $45.00
Item Number: CA-15-452

CULTURE / REGION OF ORIGIN: Roman Empire, Eastern Mediterranean

DATE: 3rd-4th Century AD

DIMENSIONS:  2.1 cm (0.82 in.) tall

DESCRIPTION: Intact. A late Roman pendant bead in dark glass, possibly dark purple but appearing black, in the form of a slightly flattened sphere, the surface decorated with vertical tool marks, creating a melon bead effect, worked in the flame. The separately applied base is a simple pad, while the separately applied suspension loop is quite thick and leans slightly off to one side. Both components are made from the same color glass as the body. Still wearable.

PROVENANCE: Formerly in a Canadian private collection

COMPARISONS: See Maud Spaer,Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, Beads and Other Small Objects, catalog #s 337 and 338, for similar examples.