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Roman Rod Formed Glass Vase Amulet

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Price: $185.00
Item Number: CA-13-285

: A miniature glass one-handled vase made to serve as an amulet. The body is roughly spindle shaped, with a bulging center, tall neck and splayed ring foot, made from dark purple glass appearing black. A handle of dark brown glass has been applied to one side. Marks beneath the opposite rim and on opposite shoulder suggest the vessel may originally have had two handles.  A single trail of caramel colored glass highlights the rim. The center of the body is decorated at five points with glass crumb bead slices in red, yellow and green, worked flush into the background.  Many deep pits on the vessel's surface, some filled with soil encrustation, suggest both burst bubbles in the glass and wear from burial. The thin handle has been reattached; otherwise the object is intact.


PROVENANCE: In a U.S. East Coast private collection until 2005.


COMPARISONS:  Maud Spaer, Ed., Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, Beads and Other Small Objects, page 171, for a discussion of the crumb decorated jar pendants (catalogue entries 332-338, illustrated).